does walking in the cold make you tired

Does Walking In The Cold Make You Tired?

As cold temperatures start to creep in we find ourselves wanting to stay inside more and more. Yet, it’s still important to get outside and take walks even in the winter weather. But is it true that walking in the cold makes you tired? Walking in the cold can indeed make you tired. This is … Read more

Why am I so gassy when I sleep

Why Am I So Gassy When I Sleep?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of gas as an embarrassing problem that’s best kept hidden. But what if we told you that gas is actually a sign that your body is working properly? In this post, we’ll explore the causes of nighttime gas and offer some tips for reducing its impact on … Read more


Can Meditation Replace Sleep? All You Should Know

Meditation is an ancient practice that works as a means to achieve awareness, focus, and relaxation. People practice meditation to relax their bodies and mind in order to feel lighter and calmer. But can meditation replace sleep? It’s no secret that meditative practice can reduce stress and improve health. But modern studies suggest that meditation … Read more

why do my socks come off when I sleep? man in bed with one sock on and one sock half off.

Why Do My Socks Come Off When I Sleep?

Many people hate wearing socks through the day, never mind to bed. Yet, there are other who love to keep their feet warm at night by wearing socks. But why is it that, no matter what type of socks you’re wearing, they always seem to come off in the middle of the night? There are … Read more

can the weather make you tired? cat sleeping in front of window with rain in background

Can the Weather Make You Tired?

As the weather turns from summer to fall, to winter to spring, and back to summer again, you may start to notice that your behavior changes as the seasons do. Have you ever noticed that you feel more motivated in one season over another or that there are some months in which you feel more … Read more


Why Do I Get Sleepy When I Read?

Have you tried to read while sitting or lying in bed? After a while, do you notice that your eyes are getting heavy and you’re losing your grip on the book? There could be several reasons why you fall asleep while reading, one of which is that you attempted to read in a very comfortable … Read more

can you sleep with citrine under your pillow

Can You Sleep With Citrine Under Your Pillow?

Citrine is a popular crystal because of its ability to cleanse and purify the energies around it. It’s also known for its ability to bring good luck, fortune, and abundance. Citrine is also said to be helpful in promoting restful sleep. If you’re looking to improve your sleep or manifest more abundance in your life, … Read more


Why Do I Get Sleepy Around My Partner?

Romantic relationships, particularly the special ones, can be truly overwhelming. Their emotional toll, whether it be happiness, ecstasy, sadness, or stress, can be heavy and cause someone to feel tired and sleepy more than they normally would. Feeling sleepy around your loved one is very normal, in the sense that most people feel that. This … Read more

Does sleeping on your stomach make your butt bigger

Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Make Your Butt Bigger

A bigger butt is a goal for a lot of women, but is it possible to sleep your way to a rounder butt? In particular, does sleeping on your stomach make your butt bigger? In essence, our sleeping position doesn’t have any effect on the shape of our buttocks. But good quality sleep that’s devoid of … Read more

Can you sleep with a fan and a humidifier on

Can You Sleep With A Fan And A Humidifier On?

It is perfectly fine to sleep with both a humidifier and a fan on together. In fact, using a fan at the same time as your humidifier will help circulate the air around your bedroom. Why sleep with a humidifier? Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Do you find that your throat and nasal … Read more