Difficulty sleeping next to someone

Difficulty Sleeping Next To Someone

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to our overall health and well-being. However, sharing a bed can pose a challenge, especially if you’re not accustomed to it. Be it with a partner, family member, or friend, the act of sleeping next to someone can disrupt sleep patterns and make adequate rest elusive. We will … Read more

What to Listen to While Sleeping? 5 Things to Listen To

If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, you’re not alone. According to the Sleep and Sleep Disorder Study, about 50 percent of adults experience difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep. In this article, we’ll discuss different things that you can listen to while sleeping. It will help you fall asleep faster and wake … Read more


Does Incense Help You Sleep? Answered

Incense is a biotic substance made of plant materials and it’s burned for its relaxing aromatic properties. It comes in different forms such as sticks and coils and is often used by aromatherapists to treat depression and stress. You can also use incense to improve the quality of your sleep. In this article, we’ll discuss … Read more


Does Chaga Tea Help You Sleep

Yes, Chaga tea can help you sleep. Chaga is caffeine free, so you can drink it right before bed to calm down and sleep better. It can make you feel less stressed and help you get a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t make you sleepy, but it does make you feel calm, which can help … Read more


Can’t Sleep In Bed But Can On Couch – 6 Reasons Explained

Many people suffer from a condition where they can easily sleep on a couch but not in their bed. It’s one of the most frustrating sleep problems and there are multiple reasons why it happens. If you’re suffering from the same problem and want to know why you can’t sleep in your bed but can … Read more

How does chamomile tea help you sleep

How Does Chamomile Tea Help You Sleep?

If you’re looking for a way to get better sleep, chamomile tea may be the answer. Does chamomile tea make you sleepy? Chamomile tea has been anecdotally reported as helping people sleep for hundreds of years. In fact, drinking chamomile tea before bed has been said to increase sleep quality and help you fall asleep … Read more

Can sleep masks damage eyes?

Can wearing a sleep mask hurt your eyes?

Wearing a sleep mask can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. In fact, there are those who swear by them for a good night’s sleep. But is it safe to wear one all the time? Can sleep masks damage eyes? What are the risks of sleeping with a sleep mask on? Find … Read more

Best teas for sleep

14 Delicious Teas That Will Help You Settle for Sleep

We all know the importance of sleep, but when it comes to getting high quality shut eye, we can often be stumped. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue for many people and in this post I will go over 14 delicious teas that will help you get your zzz’s. Fall asleep fast: the best tea … Read more