Why do I sleep more on vacation

Why Do I Sleep More on Vacation?

Have you ever noticed that you tend to sleep more when you’re on vacation, detached from the daily grind of your day-to-day lives? I’ve spent a good deal of time researching this topic, being someone deeply interested in sleep and the intricacies of our sleep cycle. Let’s dive into it together. Sleep Deprivation: The Unseen … Read more

Is Rest The Same As Sleep?

Is Rest The Same As Sleep?

Today, we’re going to tackle a question that might cross your mind as you try to fall asleep on those restless nights or lazy Sundays: “Is rest the same as sleep?” While they sound pretty similar, there are key differences. So, let’s pull back the curtains and explore the fascinating worlds of sleep and rest. … Read more

Freefaller Sleep Position Thumbnail

Freefaller Sleep Position

This article will explore a few topics related to the freefaller sleep position in detail including how healthy it is, what it says about your personality, and the type of bedding you need. At the end of the article we’ll also go over back and side sleeping positions.  What is the Freefaller sleep position? The … Read more

Why does rain make you fall asleep faster

Why Does Rain Make You Fall Asleep Faster?

Do you find that you sleep better on rainy nights? There’s a reason for that! It turns out that rain has some pretty powerful effects on our bodies and minds that can help us fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the science behind why rain makes … Read more

Why Does Sleeping Feel So Good Thumbnail

Why Does Sleeping Feel So Good

Making your way to bed after a long day’s work feels so good. Today we’re looking at why this happens.  This article will explore the non-REM sleep stages of sleep when you feel good.  We’ll also briefly go over REM sleep, the kinds of dreams you can have, and the ways they may impact you. … Read more

How to Sleep Lighter Thumbnail

How to Sleep Lighter

Heavy sleepers often manage to get a good night’s sleep but may struggle to wake up when needed. On the other hand, light sleepers are easily woken up by the slightest noise and may require a perfectly quiet sleep environment to sleep better. The best way to sleep better and wake up easier is by … Read more


Why Can’t I Sleep On Christmas Eve?

The night before Christmas day is full of excitement, which can be overwhelming. The sheer eagerness for the big day to come makes Christmas Eve a very hard night to fall asleep for children and adults alike. Not sleeping well on Christmas Eve can make the next day a very exhausting one, especially if you … Read more

Why can't I sleep before a flight

Why Can’t I Sleep Before A Flight?

Any type of journey can be draining yet full of excitement. You can meet a very friendly co-passenger and you might build a friendship for a lifetime, as unexpected things happen at the airport or on a flight. Or, you could just face something totally different, you might have to deal with bad customer service … Read more


Why Do I Clench My Fists When I Sleep?

Clenching fists while you’re sleeping is a perfectly normal behavior in humans that happens due to brain activity. Your brain performs a lot of functions while you’re sleeping such as processing and sorting all the information that you gathered during the day. If you had a hectic day, you might end up having a dream … Read more