Freefaller Sleep Position

This article will explore a few topics related to the freefaller sleep position in detail including how healthy it is, what it says about your personality, and the type of bedding you need. At the end of the article we’ll also go over back and side sleeping positions. 

What is the Freefaller sleep position?

The freefaller is a type of stomach sleeping position. You have your hands on or around your pillow with your head turned to one side.  

In addition to straining the back and neck, sleepers may find that it is particularly difficult to breathe when lying on their stomach. Stomach sleepers usually require a firmer mattress with a low loft pillow. 

Health Implications of A Freefaller Sleep Position

Sleeping on your stomach can lead to a couple of health issues, including:

  • Strains in the back and neck 
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Back and neck pains 

These issues can be mitigated with the right bedding.

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The Best Bedding for Freefaller Sleep Position

As someone who sleeps in the freefaller position, you need a firm mattress and a pillow with a low loft. A mattress that is too soft can lead to spinal misalignment, which means you will wake up with back pain. 

On the other hand, having a pillow that is too firm can put pressure on your neck and lead to stiffness, so you need a thin and soft option. 

What Does the Freefaller Sleeping Position Mean?

Common personality traits associated with those who sleep in the freefaller position include being:

  • Averse to criticism and not taking it well
  • Brash 
  • Bold and outspoken 
  • Sensitive at heart 
  • Unsettled by extreme situations easily 
  • Social

What is the Healthiest Sleeping Position?

Sleeping on your back is great for you since it puts your spine in natural alignment with your head. 

It is particularly good for people who suffer from acid reflux. However, it isn’t recommended for those with sleep apnea since their tongue can end up partially blocking the windpipe. It also isn’t recommended for pregnant women. 

See the section on side sleeping below if you have any underlying health conditions because you can mitigate the symptoms for a bunch of them by sleeping on your side. 

There are 2 types of back sleeping positions: soldier and starfish. Let’s look at each and what they say about your personality. 


The soldier position is when you sleep on your back with your arms to the side. 

People who associate sleeping positions with personalities say that those who sleep in the soldier position tend to be quiet and reserved. They have high standards for many aspects of their lives but do not make a big deal out of things. 


The second type of back sleeping is the starfish position. You sleep on your back with your arms stretched to either side of your head. 

Those who assume the starfish position tend to dislike attention. They are social and make great friends. Also, they’re excellent listeners and always offer help when needed. 

Other Great Sleeping Positions Like the Freefaller

In addition to the freefaller and back sleeping positions, there are 3 others. They are all side sleep positions.  

Here are 3 health implications of sleeping on your side:

  • Less snoring 
  • Potential reduction in back and neck pain 
  • Reduced symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)

Side sleeping is recommended for:

  • Pregnant people 
  • Those with heart failure issues 
  • Those with mild sleep apnea
  • People with neck/back pain 

Sleeping on your left side can alleviate heartburn and acid reflux. It also promotes digestion and supports lymphatic drainage. 

Avoid sleeping on your shoulders if you’ve injured them or generally feel pain in them. 

As for bedding, side sleepers should have thicker pillows than stomach and back sleepers need to ensure that their head is aligned with their spine. A firm mattress is also recommended since it can support the heavier parts of their body without putting excess pressure on the hips and shoulders. 

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The fetus is one of the most common side sleeping positions. You lie with your knees bent towards your chest, curled up like a baby. It is quite common not only in the US but globally. 

Women tend to sleep in the fetus position more than men. 

Fetal position sleepers tend to be more anxious and emotional than other people. This contrasts with those who sleep in the semi-fetal position. These people tend to be well adjusted to social settings. 

It is hypothesized that fetal position sleepers tend to be shy around new people. Once they get used to new people, they can be a joy to be around. 


The yearner lies on their side with both arms stretched in front of them. They look like they are reaching or yearning for something, which is where the name comes from. 

This position is most common in boomers and quite rare among millennials and those in Generation X. 

People who prefer the yearner position tend to be open to new people but also quite cynical and suspicious. They take their time when making decisions. However, once they’ve made up their mind, there is no coming in their way. 

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You lie on your side with both arms and legs extended parallel to the body. Your body is straight like a log. This is quite an uncommon position because most people tend to fold at least one arm or leg. So it is rare to see a true log sleeper. 

A log position indicates that a person is social and interacts with others easily. However, the traits that make them great at socializing can also make them gullible. Openness and willingness to trust go both ways.

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Conclusion: Freefaller Sleep Position

The freefaller is a type of stomach sleeping position. It is when you lie down on your stomach and place your hands on or above your pillow. You can also have your arms wrapped around the pillow. Your head faces to one side. The ideal bedding involves a thick pillow and firm bedding. 

Health complications associated with this sleeping position include strains in the back and neck, difficulty breathing, and back pains. Most of these issues can be mitigated if you have the right pillow and mattress, though. 

Other sleep positions include back positions like soldier and starfish and side positions like fetal, log, and yearner. 

The most common sleeping position is the fetal position, but the best positions health-wise are the two back sleeping poses. 

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FAQ Section

What does the Freefaller sleeping position mean?

If you sleep in this position, it is likely that you are averse to criticism and do not take it well. You may be seen as brash, bold, and outspoken. However, you’re probably just sensitive at heart and get unsettled by extreme situations easily. People who fall asleep in the freefall position tend to be quite social as well.

Is it good to sleep in the starfish position?

The starfish position keeps your spine aligned with your head. So it prevents back and neck pain. It has all the benefits of sleeping on your back.

What is the healthiest sleeping position?

People with no big underlying health conditions should sleep on their back. 

However, if you’re pregnant, have sleep apnea, snoring problems, or suffer from consistent neck pain, you should consider sleeping on your side. The fetal, yearner and log positions are all good options that you should try out.

Sleeping on your stomach is usually bad for you.