Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Make Your Butt Bigger

A bigger butt is a goal for a lot of women, but is it possible to sleep your way to a rounder butt? In particular, does sleeping on your stomach make your butt bigger?

In essence, our sleeping position doesn’t have any effect on the shape of our buttocks. But good quality sleep that’s devoid of any disturbance surely helps in ensuring health and regulating energy levels in the body. Having a good night’s sleep in a comfortable position can relax muscle tensions across the body including the buttocks.

Although this could be sad for you, as you won’t be able to boost the size of your booty just by sleeping in different positions, there is still an alternative means of changing the shape and size of your butt with the least effort. But before that, it’s worth finding out how sleep affects the booty size.

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How is sleeping position influential in the shape of your butt?

It is very disappointing to realize that our sleeping position doesn’t have any impact on how big or small your butt is going to be. But if your sleeping position is uncomfortable, then it may cause pain in the body and hip part in general. Moreover, improper sleeping positions can also exert pressure on specific areas that may weaken your glute muscles

It’s worth mentioning that the muscles present in the hip region are highly flexible. So if you engage in consistent workouts, it can target the hip area and improve its flexibility. It goes without saying that you cannot exercise while sleeping no matter how hard the position you choose to lie in.

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What makes your butt bigger?

As is already said, engaging in regular exercises directed to the hip and glutes helps in improving their shape and size. Exercising is an age-old process of increasing flexibility while keeping up the functionality of muscles.  Let’s take a look at some of the tested ways of making your buttocks bigger.

1. Hip lifts: This involves lying on the back with the knees bent and gradually moving the feet close to the hips. You can lift your hip as high as you can while pressing your palms on the floor to support yourself. You have to repeat hip lifts for half a minute and practice 3-4 times daily.

2. Hip bridge: For this, you will have to lie on your back and ensure that your feet are flat on the surface. Gradually you will have to lift your hip with the butt squeezed up. While doing this, you will have to lower down the hips to the starting position repeatedly till you feel pressure creating on the glutes region.

3. Squatting workouts: The ups and downs involved with squats are an effective workout that can help your butt grow over time. And the best part is that you can squat while taking a shower, washing your clothes, or doing other domestic chores. The right way of squatting is by lowering down by keeping the chest out and the knees kept in a forwarding position.

4. Proper sitting position: If you are someone who sits for long hours while working, you should try to get up and walk around at regular intervals to avoid getting a flat butt (otherwise known as pancake butt) from allowing yourself to get weak glutes.

5. Right diet plan: Certain foods help in the growth of muscles in the hips and glutes. These include protein shakes, eggs, salmon, brown rice, legumes, quinoa, flaxseeds, and other protein-rich foods. Nonetheless, you should support it with a good exercise regime for faster results.

Does sleeping on your stomach make your butt bigger?

Sleeping on your stomach doesn’t make your butt bigger. In fact, if you sleep on your stomach, it can pave the way for some health issues such as aging, wrinkles, pain in the lower back region, and inflammation in the hip or stomach. All these pain stem from a change in the position of the backbone. When you sleep on your stomach, your spine will not be in a neutral position. Your bum will not have any advantage while your overall health may be impacted negatively.

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What is dormant butt syndrome?

Dormant butt syndrome refers to a condition when the gluteal muscles become weak over time. These muscles are large and powerful, so this condition doesn’t develop overnight. If you sit on your workstation every day for prolonged periods, eventually, it will lead to dormant butt syndrome and your butt shape will become flat.

A weak butt is a flatt butt, so make sure to take care of the powerful muscles in your lower body to avoid getting a flat butt. Doing plenty of exercise will prevent this problem, and even give you a bigger bum

Does sitting make your booty appear big?

In a study published in Cell Physiology, the researchers claimed that the pressure exerted on the hips and butts from sitting for long can lead to fat build-up in those areas. As Professor Amit Gefen points out that obesity has a lot of triggers than an imbalance of calories.

The team has noticed that in people paralyzed by injuries in the spinal cord fat has built up in the areas taking the maximum pressure from sitting or lying flat. Within two weeks, it was noticed that the liquid fat generated was about 50 percent more compared to fat cells that have not undergone any smashing or stretching.

Conclusion: Does sleeping on your stomach make your butt bigger?

Everyone has different sleep schedules and preferences of position. And there are people who love sleeping on their stomachs. This might have propelled them to ask does sleeping on your stomach make your butt bigger. On the contrary, there are several health issues associated with sleeping on the stomach including neck and back pain. Therefore, if you wish for a round and bigger butt, pay attention to workouts and include protein-rich food in your diet.