Is It Bad to Sleep with Window Open Thumbnail

Is It Bad to Sleep with Window Open

If you’re a hot sleeper or live in a place with a hot climate, it’ll be tempting for you to open a window of your room before going to sleep. But is it bad to sleep with a window open? Sleeping with a window open has both advantages and disadvantages. It provides you with fresh … Read more

Sleeping with Wax in Hair Thumbnail

Sleeping with Wax in Hair

Hair wax is used for defining a desired hairstyle and shape and it can also enhance hair texture, structure, and volume. Many people use hair gel or wax at night but don’t wash it before going to bed to save time. But is it safe to sleep with wax on hair? Although leaving wax on … Read more

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Can I keep My Phone Under My Pillow?

There are ways you can optimize your sleeping environment to create the perfect circumstances for rest. We all know drinking caffeine before bedtime is not great, but what about placing your cell phone under your pillow? Is it good or bad? Several studies have been conducted to answer this question, but there is no definitive … Read more

How to Sleep So Hair Doesn't Get Greasy Thumbnail

How to Sleep So Hair Doesn’t Get Greasy

Have you ever woken up with greasy hair? We all know that oily hair can be a nuisance and a struggle to control, and it seems that the problem worsens during sleep, meaning even freshly-washed hair will start showing signs of oil the following day. You can sleep without greasing up your hair by using … Read more

How to Prevent Dehydration During Sleep Thumbnail

How to Prevent Dehydration During Sleep

Generally, we should sleep between 6 and 9 hours a night, which is a long time to go without water. While it’s not necessary to set the alarm to wake us up for water breaks during the night, we can do a few things to prevent ourselves from dehydrating while we sleep. You can prevent … Read more


Can You Sleep With A Heating Pad On?

Using a heating pad is a great way to relieve pains, muscle stiffness, and backaches. It allows you to achieve relaxation quickly without needing to take medicines. But can you sleep with a heating pad on? Let’s discuss this question to provide you with a detailed answer. It’ll allow you to use a heating pad … Read more


Can You Sleep With A Waist Trainer On? Is It Ideal

Waist trainers are mostly used by women to slim down their waist and turn their bodies into an hourglass shape. Most fitness trainers suggest that you should wear a waist trainer eight hours a day to reap the benefits it offers. However, some health professionals in the medical community suggest that wearing a waist trainer … Read more

Is it good to sleep without underwear? Woman lying down wearing briefs.

Is It Good To Sleep Without Underwear?

When it comes to taking care of our bodies, there’s always a contentious debate about how healthy it is to sleep in underwear. Some folks like to wear their favorite undies or nighties to bed; others don’t want to wear anything. This brings us to the next question, is it good to sleep without underwear? … Read more


Is It Ok To Sleep With A Watch On?

Fewer people use wristwatches as time goes by, but those who do know how much it can come in handy at times. Watch manufacturers have made many improvements over time, both in design and utility. They are no longer merely fashionable items that tell time. With the emergence of many modern models packed with interesting … Read more

Is it bad to have a TV in my bedroom

Is It Bad To Have A TV In My Bedroom?

Most people have their television seated in their bedrooms. You will be surprised to know that 64 percent of families in the US have their TV sets in their bedrooms. It goes without saying that watching the idiot box (or smart TV, for that matter) in bed is surely a relaxing and convenient way of … Read more