Is It Good To Sleep Without Underwear?

When it comes to taking care of our bodies, there’s always a contentious debate about how healthy it is to sleep in underwear. Some folks like to wear their favorite undies or nighties to bed; others don’t want to wear anything. This brings us to the next question, is it good to sleep without underwear?

Sleeping without underwear offers an array of health benefits. Besides comfort, going commando can be good for your genitals. If your lady parts are prone to moisture, underwear can create a breeding ground for bad bacteria. Going underwear-free is a good idea because it keeps the area clean and dry.

If you’re still wondering whether to ditch the underwear, this post is for you. Read on to learn more.

Why do people wear underwear to bed?

Odds are that if you’re a pajama wearer, you sleep with your undies. If sleeping without underwear is not appealing to you, you should choose loose-fitting underwear. Make sure your undies are made of breathable fabric.

Most folks are influenced by the idea `let things breathe down there’. Sometimes, undies act as a barrier by protecting your clothes from discharge. They also keep your genitals from irritation. Not to mention, some women like to wear undies during their periods. This is reasonable since the undergarment prevents any leaks.

Many schools of thought suggest that wearing undies to bed can wick away your natural moisture. If you decide to wear something underneath, you should ensure it’s breathable. Dr. Sherry Ross, an obstetrician suggests that underwear of synthetic fabric is a poor choice. They trap moisture that can encourage bacterial growth. Just like you choose what pajamas to wear to bed, not wearing underwear to bed should be a personal choice.

If you have to wear undies to bed, make sure they are made of natural materials – synthetic materials are a big no. Most health experts recommend cotton fabric. Some underpants are designed to make the bedroom department sexy but are not the best sleeping companion.

Some folks like to be swaddled between blankets and sheets. Considering that sleeping the commando-style means that you clean the sheets often, you may want to consider wearing undies to keep your bed clean. It’s always helpful to add a layer of protection to your sheets.

In the winter season, you don’t want to sleep without underwear – it can help to regulate body temperature. A breathable fabric will warm your body.

If you have a sleepwalking problem, sleeping in undies can stop worries in that department when someone comes knocking on your door.

Here are some rules while wearing underwear while sleeping:

Stick to cotton

When it comes to choosing the best underwear, this should be your best bet. This material can wick away any moisture, and this can further discourage yeast growth. In addition to that, you should not wear the same cotton underwear the whole day – it can increase the risk of yeast infection. So, make sure to change your underwear before bed.

Wear seamless panty

Underwear with elastic bands can be downright irritating. If you tend to turn a lot at night, this can cause abrasions or permanent markings. Why not go for seamless styles or those with no elastic bands? It’s a win-win situation.

Avoid thongs

Thong underwear is a no-go zone at bed time. If you can’t sleep the commando-style, you should stick to briefs. Wearing thongs overnight is likely to irritate your sensitive spots, especially if you sleep on your back as you will put pressure against the thong onto your skin. Wearing thongs can also increase your risk of yeast infections as they can possibly transfer bacteria to your lady parts.

Avoid dirty or old underwear

If your undies are old, they may have a build up of bacteria which isn’t washing out. Treat yourself to some new undies! You should avoid dirty underwear too. Most experts recommend that you change your underwear twice a day.

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Is it good to sleep without underwear?

Sleeping without underwear is perfectly acceptable and is even good for women’s health.

Avoid fungal infections

If you don’t wear underwear, you lower the risk of fungal infections. And they can be incredibly itchy- you may have to use an anti-fungal cream to soothe the area.

Avoid bacterial infections

If you’ve had bouts of bacterial infections, it’s a good idea not to wear undies in bed. Tight pants, as well as, those made of synthetic material don’t allow moisture to evaporate. When you become uncomfortably hot down there, the vulva can become irritated and bacteria can breed more easily.

Avoid irritation and chaffing

Sometimes, we tend to wear undies that are too tight. If this is the case, you’ll see imprints on the inner thighs. This can cause irritation and leave nasty lines. Why not take off your undies before any major damage is done?

Going commando at night reduces skin chaffing. If you sweat throughout the day, you know how irritating the skin can get when working out. Just sleep without undies, and you’ll see the difference.

If you stop wearing undies at night, you breathe better down there. But again, what you wear to bed is a personal choice.

Benefits of sleeping without underwear

Keeps yeast infection and candida growth at bay

Sleeping without underwear discourages candida and yeast growth. Generally speaking, bacteria like to thrive in a warm environment. So when you wear thongs and tight underwear made of synthetic fabric, they can trap moisture that encourages bacteria growth.

Since your intimate parts create a party zone for all types of bacteria, underwear can be the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast infections.

The bits can finally breathe!

Another point to note is that the vulva has many folds on it. If moisture is trapped, this area can get uncomfortable. This can lead to burning and itching – it can get very uncomfortable. If you sleep without undies, your bits will appreciate the airflow. Why not let your body relax and refresh?

Healthier sperm in men

Healthy sperm should remain at 34.4 degrees C. Tight underwear can increase the temperature – this can even decrease sperm quality. So, for all the wannabe fathers out there, it’s best to ditch the undies at night.

Helps you fall asleep easily

One way your body knows it’s time to sleep is to lower the circadian rhythm. You also sleep fast when the body temperature reduces. Some folk may not realize that when you sleep with undies, you may keep your body temperature too warm, and you may have trouble sleeping at night. If you can’t catch your sleep, you may want to ditch your underwear. Give it a try for a few weeks, and you’ll see improvement in the quality of sleep.

Improves intimacy

If you want to enhance intimacy with your partner, you should get rid of the undies. Sleeping without undies will help you feel more comfortable with your partner and ready to be intimate with them. Plus, it can also spice up things in the bedroom!

It soothes acne

When you shave down there, the hair follicles can get inflamed – this can lead to white and red bumps. Sometimes, too much heat can trigger folliculitis.

It’s a clean alternative

While die-hard underwear sleepers think it’s unclean not to wear them, going underwear-free is always a clean alternative. The truth is, there’s nothing inherently wrong with skipping the undies at night.

When moisture and heat are trapped down there, the smell can get strong. If you sleep without undies, you keep odor at bay. If you find this unclean, you can shower before hopping to bed.

Protects the vulva from injury

The tight fabric of your underwear can irritate the labia skin. If you sleep without the undergarments, you reduce the possibility of chaffing.

Is it better to sleep with or without underwear?

Sleeping without underwear comes with a lot of perks. Your genitals are covered with fabric the whole day – they will thank you in the evening.

Unless you switch to a new pair of undies at night, you’re simply taking the normal discharge you had throughout the day to your bed. This can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Secondly, when you keep the V dry, you ward off bacteria and yeast infections.

If sleeping without panties is not part of your everyday routine, you should at least switch to loose fitting cotton underwear.

Is sleeping without underwear more healthy?


While switching from synthetic panties can be helpful, it’s healthier to sleep without undies at night.

If your underwear bunches up, you may want to skip them entirely. For many folks, the obvious benefit of not wearing underwear is comfort.

When you stop wearing underwear, the air flows freely. This allows the genitals to breathe.

Is it bad to sleep wearing a thong?

Yes it is bad to sleep wearing a thong. When you wear thongs, the bacteria move along the strings – you should avoid these. If you’ve ever used these undergarments, you know how much they move at night. This can further transfer the bacteria from the anal region to the front. It gets worse if the thong is made of a synthetic material that is less effective at absorbing moisture.

Also, the movement can cause tears in the skin where bacteria can breed. You may want to stick to loose fitting cotton briefs to give the skin around the genitals a break.

Is it OK to sleep with a bra on?

There’s nothing more fulfilling than taking your bra away after a long tiring day. This allows your body to breathe. If you have to wear a bra as you sleep, you should avoid underwire bras. If you have huge breasts, just stick to what makes you comfortable.

Stay away from bras that dig into the skin or those that irritate your breasts. Any undergarment that is too tight can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

It’s OK to sleep with a bra on if you find it more comfortable, but for most people allowing your body to move naturally without a tight fitting bra is better for sleep.

What is the healthiest thing to wear to bed?

If sleeping without undies is a terrible idea, you don’t have to go commando style – just wear light and airy underwear. It works down to your personal preference.

Wear breathable fabric

Cotton underwear can help absorb moisture better than silk would. It’s a good idea that you put on a clean pair before sleeping.

Wear loose fitting underwear

Some underwear fabrics can lead to numerous infections – women are at a higher risk. If you don’t want to ditch the undies completely, you can try different cuts, styles, ad patterns.


Is it good to sleep without underwear? Yes. When you sleep without undies, you’re doing your lady parts a big favor after keeping them packed all day. From the above post, the advantages of not wearing underwear at night outweigh the downsides. If you’ve been wearing synthetic undies, you’re involuntarily putting yourself at risk. So, before you hop to bed, you should declare bedtime independence. While the pros of sleeping in the commando-style have many benefits, it boils down to your personal preference.

Sleeping without underwear has its own pros and cons. If you’re comfortable with it, go ahead! But if you feel the need to wear them, make sure they’re clean and made of breathable