Sleeping with Wax in Hair

Hair wax is used for defining a desired hairstyle and shape and it can also enhance hair texture, structure, and volume. Many people use hair gel or wax at night but don’t wash it before going to bed to save time. But is it safe to sleep with wax on hair?

Although leaving wax on your hair while sleeping can be harmless to your hair, it can be unhealthy for your scalp. It can weaken your hair follicles and increase the risk of ending up with poor and unhealthy hair and affect hair growth in the long run.

In this article, we’ll discuss how sleeping with wax can affect your hair health and why it’s important to wash out hair wax before going to bed.

How to Use Hair Wax Properly

It’s very easy to use hair wax and you can apply it to damp or completely dry hair. As the name applies, hair wax is based on wax and you need to warm it slightly before applying it to the hair.

To achieve the best results, take a small amount of wax using your fingers and rub it on both of your palms. It’ll allow you to apply the wax to your hair evenly. Now, start running your hands through your hair to make the desired hairstyle.

Keep in mind that there are different types of hair waxes available in the. So, make sure that you choose hair wax designed for your hair type. For example, if you have oily hair, consider using hair wax that provides a matte finish.

Sleeping with Wax in Hair: Why is it Unhealthy?

Just like the rest of the body, your scalp also has countless pores. If you leave hair wax applied to your body overnight, it’ll make these pores clogged up. If your scalp pores remain blocked for a long time, they’ll make your hair unhealthy and less shiny.

Additionally, they’ll also weaken your hair follicles and you’ll end up with thinner hair strands and an appearance of thinning hair. It’s important to note that your scalp produces sebum continuously, which consists of pollutants, such as the residue of hair products and dead skin cells.  

If you don’t clean the sebum regularly, it will cause dandruff in your head, which will lead to embarrassing white flakes. Additionally, your pillowcase, bed sheet, and even clothes will become dirty if you sleep with hair gel. In worst cases, it will start blocking your facial pores which can even cause acne.

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Are There Any Other Side Effects of Sleeping with Hair Wax

The following are some side effects that can happen if you make a habit of sleeping with wax in your hair.

Dehydrated Hair

Most hair waxes contain strong substances such as sulfate, silicone, and alcohol. If these chemicals stay on your hair for a long time, they can cause dehydration and increase the risk of dull and rough hair.


As mentioned, hair styling products such as hair wax can block your scalp’s pores if you leave them on your hair overnight. Additionally, it can also increase the amount of sebum on your hair and can cause dehydration. All these problems can lead to the buildup of dandruff in your hair.

Hair Loss

When you have dandruff in your hair, you’ll most probably experience hair loss. It happens when you scratch your head repeatedly, which damages the hair follicles and slows down or stops hair growth. As a result, the hair becomes thin and weak and can also start to fall off in the worst conditions.

So, Should You Wash Your Hair Before Sleeping?

If you have applied wax to your hair to achieve the desired hairstyle, you should wash it out before going to sleep. Otherwise, it’ll affect your hair health negatively. Here’s how you should wash your hair to remove hair wax residue from your head thoroughly.

Wet your hair properly to soften the wax. It’ll allow you to remove it conveniently.

Apply a few drops of shampoo of your choice to your head and start massaging your head gently. Keep massaging for 30 to 40 seconds.

Rinse out shampoo using lukewarm water. Use your hand to make sure that your head is free of wax. If your hair still feels flimsy or oily, consider applying more shampoo and repeat the massaging and rinsing process.

Once you have cleaned the wax residue from your head thoroughly, apply your favorite conditioner to your head. It’ll allow you to restore the moisture that you lost.

Dry your hair using a blower and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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Can I Use Hair Wax Every Day?

Ideally, you shouldn’t apply wax to your hair every day. That’s because most hair waxes contain ingredients like sulfate and alcohol that can make your hair dehydrated. Not only do they increase the risk of dull and unhealthy hair but they can also lead to dandruff, which is a common reason behind hair loss.

Is Wax Harmful to Hair?

Generally, hair wax isn’t harmful to your hair health, if you use it in moderation. However, using this product excessively and leaving it on your hair overnight can affect your hair health negatively. It can block the pores on your scalp, which can make your hair unhealthy and thin in the long run. So, make sure that you use hair wax in moderation and wash your hair thoroughly before sleeping.

Is Hair Wax Better than Gel?

Hair gel is much stronger than hair wax and it also makes your hair shiner. Whereas, hair wax is more pliable, unlike hair gel, and it doesn’t make your hair crispy. Additionally, wax also allows you to restyle your hair conveniently.

Conclusion: Sleeping with Wax in Hair

Using hair wax is one of the best ways to achieve the desired hairstyle. However, it’s important to clean it from your hair before going to sleep. We hope this guide will help you understand why sleeping with wax in your hair is unhealthy and how it can affect your hair health.