How to sleep in a single bed with a partner: Tips for a good night’s sleep

Sleeping with your partner in a bed designed for one can be tricky and end up with both of you having sleep deprivation. Of course, sleeping in a double bed with separate blankets, or even choosing to sleep independently in your own bed, is going to be better for you long term than sleeping together in a single bed.

Yet, sometimes you are going to need or want to share a twin bed and still sleep comfortably. This post will look at how to fall asleep in a single bed with a partner and what sleep position is best for sharing a single bed as a couple.

Can a single bed sleep 2 people?

A single bed is not designed for two adults, but is considered the perfect size for someone to sleep on their own. Looking at specifics, a single bed is 39 inches wide, whereas a double bed is 54 inches wide. So, a double bed gives each person 27 inches. Fitting two people on a single bed only gives each partner 19.5 inches of space.

Nevertheless, two people can sleep together in a single or twin bed from time to time, although it tends to mean sleeping very close to each other!

how to sleep in a single bed with a partner
how to sleep in a single bed with a partner

How do couples sleep on a single bed?

One of the easiest ways for couples to sleep on a single bed is to lie ‘top to tail’ with one partner’s head at the other one’s feet. This isn’t necessarily the most romantic of positions though, so if it doesn’t appeal you can try sleeping as in the ‘spoon’ position with both of you on your sides and one partner behind the other. Alternatively, one partner can lie on their back and the other can lay on their side facing them with their head on top of their chest and the first partner’s arm around them.

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How to sleep in a twin bed with someone: Tips for a good sleep

Go to bed earlier

When it comes to getting quality sleep, being an early bird and getting in to bed before you are exhausted is always a good idea. When you share a bed with a partner, snugling down early has additional benefits and can make it easier for you to both fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

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Use enough pillows

Sharing a single bed with a partner is difficult enough, but sharing a pillow together is almost impossible. Make sure you each have your own pillow so that you can move around and get comfortable. For extra comfort, try having your own blanket as well.

Think about getting ear plugs

Sharing a twin bed means being much closer to your parner than if you were in a bigger bed. Co sleeping can be disturbed by snoring at the best of times, so if your partner snores and you are snuggling up in a single bed, you might want to wear ear plugs to avoid any additional sleep problems.

Stick to a sleep schedule

You and your partner may be on completely different sleep schedules, but if you are sharing a single bed then you are going to need to share a schedule as well. As a twin bed does not offer any personal space for falling asleep next to someone who is already sleeping, getting in to bed without disturbing your partner’s sleep is goind to be tricky. Instead, for the times that you are bed sharing in a single bed, opt to go to bed at the same time as your partner.

Find a comfortable position

The position that you sleep in is crucial for getting a good night’s sleep. If you are sharing a single bed, it is important to find a comfortable position that suits both you and your partner. The ‘top to tail’ or ‘spooning’ positions are usually the best for couples as they allow you to be close without disturbing each other’s sleep.

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Conclusion: How to sleep in a single bed with a partner

Sharing a single bed with a partner is not always easy, but it can be done. The best way to sleep in a single bed with a partner is to go to bed early, use enough pillows, think about getting ear plugs, stick to a schedule, and find a comfortable position either top to tail or spooning. By following these tips, you and your partner should be able to get a good night’s sleep.