How To Keep Blankets From Sliding Off The Bed

If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night to find your blanket has disappeared off the bed, you know it can be a frustrating experience. But fear not – there are plenty of ways to ensure that your blankets stay where they belong and don’t end up on the floor. Here are some tips for keeping your blankets from sliding off the bed. 

Why do your blankets keep falling off the bed?

You will find that your blankets end up on the floor while you sleep because you move around throughout the night. People rarely stay in the same position while sleeping, which means that bedding also moves with you.

Additionally, if you sleep with a partner who is a blanket hog then they will pull at your comforter or blanket no matter what you do. This can leave your half of the bed without any cover and can leave you feeling tired and cold in the morning!

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how to keep blankets from sliding off the bed
how to keep blankets from sliding off the bed

Ways to stop your blankets from slipping off the bed:

1. Non-slip sheets

If your sheets are slippery then there is more chance that your blanket will simply slide off them.

Silk bed sheets are particularly likely to cause this problem. Also, satin feels slippery so any sheets made from a silky material, even if they are not actually silk, will make it more likely that your blankets fall off the bed during the night.

Instead, opt for cotton, jersey, flannel or microfiber fabric sheets which are less slippery feeling.

Also, ensure that you are not using a silky blanket as this will make it more likely that it will slip off your bed.

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2. Blanket straps or suspenders

You can use special sheet straps or blanket suspenders to keep your blanket in place.

Take an adjustable strap and attach it to the blanket, at the foot board end, around 4 inches up the blanket. Use the other end of the strap to clip to the bottom of the blanket, around 4 inches from the corner point, taking the strap or suspender under your mattress as you do so. This may sound like a complicated process but is actually very easy and essentially turns your blanket into something resembling a fitted sheet, which will then stick to your bed at the bottom corners.

These sheet clips are also excellent ways to keep your sheets in place at night.

3. Tuck in your blanket

One of the easiest ways to ensure your blanket keeps you covered over night is to tuck it in.

We recommend tucking your bedding in at the bottom edge of the bed, like a top sheet, to ensure it is still on the bed in the morning, as not everyone likes the feeling of being tucked in secure all around.

Using a blanket which is a larger size than your mattress makes tucking it in easier. For example, if you have a queen-sized bed then you should use a king-size blanket. As mattress sizes vary, so do blankets and other bedding!

4. Pin it in place

You can use safety pins to stick your blanket to your fitted sheets. Bear in mind you should never use pins in your mattress as they may damage the material. Also, ensure that your pins are properly closed to avoid any nasty surprises while sleeping!

5. Blanket support

A blanket support is often used in hospitals to lift a blanket, duvet or comforter up away from a person’s feet. It also has the benefit of stopping blankets from falling off the bed or moving and coming loose.

A blanket support goes between your box spring or bed frame and your mattress, and then lifts the blanket at the bottom of the bed.

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6. Weigh it down

If you have other bedding such as a comforter or quilt at one end of the bed then this will prevent your blanket from moving and falling on the floor. However, extra weight when you layer up your bedding can be uncomfortable and prevent a good night’s rest, so only use this method if you like the idea of having extra covers on your feet.

7. Bedspread holder at foot of bed

You can purchase a blanket retainer which acts as a foot board against which to tuck your blanket and prevent it from sliding off the bottom of the bed.

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How to stop a weighted blanket from sliding off the bed

If you often find your weighted blanket has fallen off the edge of your bed, your best solution is to ensure that you have the correct size blanket for your weight and size. If your blanket is too light or small then it will slide off you easily by the morning. As weighted blankets come in a range of sizes you should take care to choose the right one for your body.

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Conclusion: How to keep blankets from sliding off the bed

Keeping your blanket on the bed doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right techniques and tools, you can easily keep your blanket in place throughout the night! Whether that’s by opting for cotton or jersey sheets, using straps or suspenders, tucking in or pinning it in place, placing extra weight on top of it, or investing in a blanket support – there are plenty of methods to help make sure blankets stay firmly on your bed.