how to sleep in a chair

How to sleep in a chair

Sometimes your usual night time routine is completely impossible, and you find yourself trying to fall asleep in a chair. This may be because you are being forced to catch a few hours’ sleep in the office, because you are in an environment where you are exhausted but haven’t got a bed available (such as … Read more

how often to replace box springs

How often to replace a box spring bed

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance that you have a box spring bed. Maybe you’ve had it for years or maybe it was recently purchased to replace an old mattress set. If so, when do you need to replace your box spring? A box spring bed will usually last up to ten years … Read more

Should I sleep with an air purifier on

Should I sleep with an air purifier on?

We all know that our sleep is important, but it can be hard to get a good night’s rest. The best way to improve your sleep quality is to have a clean and fresh air environment. There are many ways you can do this, including with an air purifier – wo should you use one … Read more

Are waterbeds good for your back?

Are waterbeds good for your back?

Waterbeds have been a staple in many people’s homes for decades. They are known to be comfortable and relaxing, but do they actually help your back? What is a waterbed? A waterbed is a bed with water inside the mattress. The water and the mattress work together to create and maintain an equal and comfortable … Read more

How to keep spiders away while sleeping

How to keep spiders away while sleeping

Maybe it’s the thought of a spider crawling across your face as you sleep that’s so scary, or maybe it’s the idea of how many spiders there are in a house and how they can all crawl up your bed. Seeing spider webs dangling above you while you are trying to get to sleep is … Read more

Best teas for sleep

14 Delicious Teas That Will Help You Settle for Sleep

We all know the importance of sleep, but when it comes to getting high quality shut eye, we can often be stumped. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue for many people and in this post I will go over 14 delicious teas that will help you get your zzz’s. Fall asleep fast: the best tea … Read more

Is memory foam bad for your back?

Memory Foam Mattresses Cause Back Pain: What to Do about it

Many people don’t realize that memory foam mattresses cause back pain, but it’s a serious issue. This blog post will help you understand what causes the problem and how to prevent it. Memory foam mattresses are popular for their ability to conform to your body, which can lead to slumbering in positions that strain the … Read more