How To Sleep Comfortably In The Backseat Of A Car?

Driving when you’re feeling sleepy or tired makes you less alert and affects your reaction time. It’ll put you and other passengers at risk and can cause irrecoverable damage. That’s why you must pull over to have a power nap.

If there is no place nearby where you can sleep, the only option left is your car, and sleeping in it can be a tiring experience.

That’s why we have compiled this guide that contains the best tips that you can use to sleep comfortably in the backseat of your car.  

Best Tips to Sleep In The Backseat Of A Car Comfortably

If you sleep in the front seat/driver’s seat of your car, you’ll wake up even more exhausted than before even if you use the seat belt. So, you should consider sleeping in the back seat of your car. 

The following tips will allow you to create a comfortable environment in your car so that you can sleep easily and safely.

Find a Safe Spot

The first step is to find a safe and quiet place to park your car. You don’t want to choose a noisy spot as it’ll keep you from sleeping well. In addition, you’ll also need to make sure that you select a parking place where it’s not prohibited to sleep in your car. Otherwise, you’ll get a parking ticket from the cops.

You can go to an overnight parking lot of a superstore to be on the safe side. In addition, you should also look for a shaded spot during hot summer days. Lastly, if the neighborhood doesn’t feel safe, consider finding some other location.

Turn Off the Engine

Once you have found a safe and quiet spot to park your car, turn your car engine off. It’s critically important because a running engine will increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal. 

According to a study, several hundred people die in the United States every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning from motor vehicles. So, never keep your engine running before you fall asleep, regardless of the intensity of the weather to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 

You also don’t want to drain your car battery, so make sure that you turn off all the internal lights.

Prepare the Backseat

While you can just lay in the back seat of your car, it won’t be a comfortable experience. The best way to prepare the backseat of your car is to use a universal car backseat air mattress. Most universal backseat air mattresses are compatible with pretty much all types of vehicles including SUVs and sedans.

These air mattresses usually have legs that go to the space between the front and back seats to fit in properly. They offer a large and flat sleeping area just like your bed and also have inflatable pillows. You just need to inflate the air mattress and place it on your car’s backseat.

Make sure that you use your hand/arm if you don’t have a neck pillow. Never rest your head on your car’s door as it’ll put a strain on your shoulders and neck. It can also keep you from sleeping and give you a sore head.

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Ensure Security

You must always close and lock all the doors of your car before falling asleep. It’s also true for windows and the sunroof. However, make sure that you leave at least one of the windows slightly cracked. It’ll ensure ventilation and prevent suffocation or condensation, depending on the weather.

Condensation can take place during extremely cold weather when you sleep inside a car with doors and windows closed. You’ll become sweaty, making you feel even colder and disturbing your sleep.

Ensure Privacy

The best way to ensure privacy is to cover your car windows using towels or extra clothes. It’ll prevent disturbances from the people passing by and you also won’t need to wake up due to the rays of the early morning sun. You can also use a sleep mask for the same purpose.

If you were lucky and found a discrete and shaded spot, you’ll still need to cover the car windows that you left slightly cracked. It’ll keep the bugs and insects from entering your car.

We recommend you use mesh window shade, especially for the slightly open window. It’ll make sure that your car remains well ventilated while you’re sleeping.

Wear Earplugs

It’s advisable to wear earplugs if you need to sleep in the backseat of your car. It’s especially true if you’re a light sleeper. If you’re sleeping in a parking lot, you’ll hear a lot of noises such as talking, laughing, honking, and revving in the morning. Earplugs will minimize these noises and allow you to sleep comfortably.

Make Sure Your Valuables are Nearby

Whether you’re a heavy sleeper or not, you want to make sure that you keep your valuables such as car keys, phone, and wallet, nearby. It’s a wise idea to place these things beside or underneath your pillow. You can also use the pocket, located at the backside of the front seat, for this purpose.

Sleeping in your car provides thieves with an opportunity to steal your valuables. And nothing can be more frustrating than waking up just to find out that your phone or wallet is gone.

We also recommend you fill a water bottle and place it beside you while sleeping. It’ll keep you from getting up in the middle of the night to find a place to get water if you feel thirsty.

Share Your Location

Sleeping in the backseat of your car is not as safe as sleeping in your bed, especially if you’re hundreds of miles away from your home. Therefore, you want to share the location of the spot where you’re sleeping with your family or a friend.

Not only will it make you feel safer but it’ll also allow your loved ones to find you easily if you get into any trouble. All you need to do is to text your current location or make a quick phone call to a person you trust.

Final Words

Sleeping in the backseat of your car can be a very tiring experience. But you can make it comfortable and relaxing if you use the tips mentioned in this guide. Keep in mind that ensuring your safety is the most important aspect of the entire process. So, find a safe spot and make sure that you shut all the doors before sleeping.