Can you use a heated blanket on an air mattress?

Can you use a heated blanket on an air mattress? The answer is yes, but there are some precautions to take first. If the air mattress has a built-in heater, it might be best to turn that off before adding any additional heat. You should also make sure that your blankets are dry and clean before putting them over the top of your bedding for safety reasons. For more information about using heated blankets on an air mattress, read this blog post!

Why air mattresses are colder than normal mattresses

Air mattresses are convenient and make camping much more comfortable than just using a sleeping bag on the ground.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to stay warm when sleeping on an air mattress, as they tend to be colder than standard mattresses.

When you first get on an air mattress, you will find that it feels really cold. This is because the mattress is full of cold air.

Also, as air mattresses are made of plastic materials, they have very little insulation against the cold air inside them.

The heat from your body comes into contact with the cold air in the mattress, making that air very slightly warmer, which then circulates the cold air in the mattress – meaning that you continue to feel cold throughout the night!

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Can you use a heated blanket on an air mattress?

You can use a heated blanket on an air mattress indoors (not in a tent), but you shouldn’t place the electric blanket directly on the air bed. This is because you do not want to overheat the plastic which the air mattress is made of, as it could lead it to warp.

It’s also not particularly great for the air mattress to be heated by an electric blanket, as the heat from the blanket can cause the air inside the mattress to expand and can lead to damage to the air bed.

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Can you use electric blankets outside

You should never use an electric blanket outside or in a tent. Electric blankets are designed for indoor use only and the plugs are not recommended for use in the open air where traces of water can come into contact with them.

Condensation may form inside your tent, and lead to the blanket becoming damp or even wet. An electric blanket should never get wet while in use.

If you are camping outside you may also find that the ground is damp or even that rain finds its way inside!

Don’t take the riske of using an electric blanket on an air mattress outide or in a tent, but instead use our recommended ways of keeping warm on an air bed – detailed below.

What can I put on top of my air mattress to keep warm?

To maintain body heat on cold nights, place a thick blanket (think wool or fleece) between you and your air mattress. This will place a barrier between you and the cold air inside the mattress.

You can also get a specially designed mattress topper which adds insulation to your air mattress and also provides extra comfort while sleeping.

Best ways to keep warm on an air mattress

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are the ultimate way to keep warm on an air mattress, as they surround the body and insulate against the cold. Using a sleeping bag traps your body heat and keeps that air warm, whilst also preventing cold air from reaching you.

Hot water bottle

If you find that you still struggle to stay warm, you can use a hot water bottle to help you warm up on an air mattress. You can put this inside your sleeping bag as long as the hot water bottle has a good cover that will prevent it from burning you. Just remember that it may feel cold in the morning!

Wear extra clothes

Wearing layers of clothes to bed when it is cold will help you to sleep as the warmth given off by your body will be trapped between the layers, helpng you to keep more warmth inside your sleeping bag.

Use sheets on your air mattress

As well as protecting your air mattress, using a bed sheet will place a barrier between your body and the mattress. The material will help keep you insulated by creating a small space for air to fill between the mattress and the sheet.

Conclusion: Can you use a heated blanket on an air mattress?

A heated blanket is not recommended for use on an air mattress, though you can do it inside the house if you really need to.

Ideally, do not place it directly on top of the air bed because this will overheat the plastic and cause damage.

If you are looking for ways to keep yourself warm in cold weather, try one of our other tips like wearing extra clothes or using sheets between your body and the air mattress!

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