Can I wear a DuRag to bed?

Yes, wearing a DuRag to bed is actually a great choice as it preserves your hairstyle, prevents hair tangling and can minimise hair loss. Read on for the full list of benefits of wearing a DuRag to bed.

What is a DuRag?

For those who have stumbled on this article without actually knowing what a DuRag is – in brief it is a type of headwrap typically made from silk, cotton or other materials which is worn to protect the hairstyle and keep it neat. It is also often used for maintaining hair moisture and preventing frizz.

DuRags are often worn as a fashion statement during the day, but they can also be worn at night to get all the benefits of covering your hair at bedtime.

Full benefits of wearing a DuRag to bed

Wearing a DuRag to bed is probably a better idea than most people realise.

Help avoid breakouts

Firstly, keeping your hair covered with a DuRag while you sleep will stop any oils transferring from your hair to your pillow and to your face. This helps reduce spots, breakouts and clogged pores.

Wearing a DuRag to bed can also help prevent your hair getting greasy at night.

Protect the hair

Secondly, wearing a DuRag helps to protect the hair itself, as it reduces friction with other fabrics such as your pillow. This stops the hair from breaking.

Reduce brittleness

A DuRag stops your hair from drying out through the loss of moisture on to your pillow, again protecting the hair from breaking and pulling while you sleep.

Prevent tangling

If you are prone to tanlged or knotted hair, for example because you move a lot during the night, wearing a DuRag can fix this by keeping your hair in one position, thereby preventing long hair from knotting up over night.

Preserve hairstyle

If you have your hairstyle set and want to preserve it, a DuRag is a great option to sleep in as it keeps the hair in its set position.

A silk DuRag will maintain waves and leave your hairstyle intact ready for the morning.

Reduce frizz

Wearing a DuRag can also reduce frizz in curly or coarse hair, because friction is reduced by not having your hair move against your pillow at night, and your hair is held down by the DuRag.

As the DuRag forces your hair to lie flat against your head, it reduces the outward growth of hair and helps create uniform waves that follow your curl pattern.

Protect hair growth

A DuRag can protect your hair growth by allowing the baby hairs time to grow without being rubbed and pullled.

How to wear a DuRag to bed

The best type of DuRag to wear to bed is a smooth textured one. Silk DuRags work best as they allow for movement against your pillow and don’t provide any friction. Satin DuRags are also a great choice.

A velvet DuRag is less suitable to wear overnight as the texture is not so smooth against your pillow, but velvet DuRags are better than just leaving your hair unwrapped.

Make sure to learn how to tie a DuRag properly and avoid tying it too tight, as this can create a line on your forehead while you are sleeping.

Wearing a DuRag to bed over wet hair

Unless you are putting a moisturising treatment on your hair, you should usually wear DuRags over dry hair.

Conclusion: Can I wear a DuRag to bed?

Yes, wearing a DuRag to bed is safe and comfortable as long as you don’t tie it too tight. Wearing a DuRag to sleep in has a lot of benefits including maintaining your hairstyle and protecting the hair itself.

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