Can I do plank before sleeping?

You can do a plank before bed as part of your exercise routine. As long as you don’t do any vigorous exercise before bed, you should find that there is no negative effect on your sleep.

Why are planks a good form of exercise?

Planks are a good form of exercise because they engage more muscles than sit ups or crunches while also putting less strain on your back and neck. Planks require you to use your arms, legs, abs and even your glutes, making them a full-body exercise.

As planks target your core, they can help with posture as well as shrinking your waist and making your abs look hot.

Can I do plank before sleeping?

Yes, as a plank is low impact, it’s actually a great evening exercise that you can do before bed and which may even help you fall asleep.

A plank engages your core muscles and supporting muscles, but does not have a big impact on your heart rate. This means that doing a plank before sleeping can be a great part of your workout routine without having a negative impact on your sleep quality.

can I do plank before sleeping
can I do plank before sleeping

Why shouldn’t I do a full workout routine before bed?

If you engage in evening exercise that raises your heart rate substantially then this can increase your body temperature and prevent you from being able to fall asleep so easily. In turn, this can impact your sleep quality and stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. This is why you should avoid too much aerobic exercise or high intensity exercise before bed. Instead, you should do these forms of exercise earlier in the day.

As a plank does not substantially raise your heart rate, it is fine to do before bed. See also, Why does fresh air make you tired?

Should you do planks before bed?

There is no reason why not to do planks before bed, and if it is an easy way for you to build planks into your exercise routine then yes, you should do planks before bed.

Does planking help you sleep?

Some forms of exercise can really help you sleep. Planking can help you sleep as part of a low impact and low intensity workout before bed. For the best workout routine, you should try to finish up at least an hour before you plan on going to bed, and keep your heart rate lower than if you are exercising earlier in the day. Research suggests that light to moderate intensity activity at least one hour before bed can help you fall asleep faster, increase deep sleep, and improve sleep quality.

What is the best time to do planks?

You can do planks any time during the day, but the best time is going to be the time when it fits best into your daily schedule. If this is right before bed, then that’s fine.

What about crunches right before bed?

Crunches done gently are ok to do before bed, but you should avoid raising your heart rate too much during the exercise.

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Conclusion: Can I do plank before sleeping?

Can I do plank before sleeping? Yes, as a plank is low impact and can be done any time during the day. It may even help you to get a good night’s sleep!