Are Bamboo Sheets Cooling?

A lot of people need bedding that is cooling and accommodates their nighttime sweating. Bamboo sheets are a common consideration in such situations. But are they as soft and cooling as they’re made out to be? 

Yes, bamboo sheets are cooling sheets since they can absorb moisture. Your body starts to sweat when it gets hot. These sheets quickly soak up those droplets and prevent them from being stuck between you and your bedding and reflecting body heat back to you. 

Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool At Night?

Yes, bamboo sheets keep you cool at night. They are an excellent type of bedding with several benefits, including but not limited to how soft, durable, moisture absorbing, and comfortable they are. 

Why are Bamboo Sheets Cooling: Temperature Regulation

A lot of people need bedding that is cooling and accommodates their nighttime sweating. Bamboo sheets are a common consideration in such situations. But are they as soft and cooling as they’re made out to be? 

The following information in this article will explain this phenomenon in detail as well as go over some related topics, including whether bamboo sheets keep you warm. So keep reading. 

Why You Need Cooling Sheets At Night

To understand why bamboo sheets are cooling, we need to take a look at why you sweat and how that impacts your body. 

When your surrounding temperatures get too hot, your body starts sweating. These can be small or large droplets, depending on your skin type and how hot it is. This is meant to reduce your internal temperature and make you cooler. Read also: Do silk pillowcases make you sweat?

Hence, sweating is your body regulating temperature to come back to a normal comfortable point. 

When you’re under a blanket, this vapor gets trapped between you and your bedding. It can’t evaporate away and instead condenses into liquid form. Once that happens, the sweat begins reflecting body heat back to you. 

This is when you wake up at night because you’re uncomfortable and humid. So how do bamboo sheets help?

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Why Do Bamboo Sheets Stop You from Being too Hot Under Bedding

Bamboo sheets absorb the moisture once it leaves your body. The material is incredibly porous and allows the vapor to pass through and evaporate if needed. 

This does 2 very important things: 

  1. Your body can go through the temperature self-regulation on its own. 
  2. There is no moisture stuck between you and your blanket to create an uncomfortable and moist situation. 

If you use cotton sheets or flannel sheets, you don’t get these benefits. Even linen sheets don’t offer this benefit. 

What Sleeping With A Bamboo Sheet Feels Like

The result with bamboo bed sheets and blankets is simple. 

As long as you’re in temperatures where your body can self-regulate and make you comfortable, you won’t have to worry about waking up during the night. 

Your days of trying to figure out whether one foot should be out of the blanket or both are over! 

Now that you understand the basic explanation of sweating and how that affects a bamboo sheet’s cooling effects, let’s take a deeper look at the factor which affects how much moisture a bamboo sheet can absorb.

The Main Factor Affecting How Bamboo Keeps You Cool

There is one main factor that affects the extent to which a bamboo sheet can keep you cool. It is whether your bamboo has been blended with other fabrics.

Pure bamboo rayon can absorb sweat throughout the night. The moisture goes into the fabric and can evaporate from there. However, bamboo sheets available in the market usually aren’t made with 100% rayon. These natural fibers are blended with other fabrics. 

When Bamboo Blend Sheets are Not Cooling

Your bamboo rayon may have been mixed in with cotton, polyester, or any other material, affecting its cooling efficiency.

Most of these blends compromise the softness, comfort, and moisture absorption of the bamboo sheet. They usually aren’t as durable as a pure bamboo rayon sheet and don’t wash well either. 

For example, twill weave shrinks when exposed to water. Since sweat is primarily water, sheets made with this material don’t last long. 

Note that a good-fitting bamboo sheet also goes a long way in keeping you cool. So you should look for deep pocket bamboo sheets to keep your body temperature regulated. These breathable sheets are quite commonly available. 

Are Bamboo Sheets Good for Hot Sleepers?

There are 2 types of people who need a temperature regulation blanket:

  1. People who sweat during their sleep
  2. People who have cold sweats

If you naturally sweat during your sleep or experience cold sweats, having a bamboo sheet can help you sleep better. Its moisture-wicking properties will make the entire experience a whole lot more comfortable. 

Also, the weather can get slightly hotter a few hours after you go to sleep. If you slept when it was 13 degrees Celsius, but it gets to 17 degrees Celsius sometime later, your body doesn’t need the same amount of heat. 

Your body will want to regulate body temperatures to cool down a bit. Bedding that lets your body do this can be great.

Will A Bamboo Blanket Keep Me Warm During Winters?

We’ve talked a lot about how bamboo sheets are cooling. So you may be wondering whether a bamboo blanket would work like traditional blankets at all – are they even warm?

Yes, it will keep you warm. Bamboo fabric works like other blankets in that they’re an extra layer of bedding on top of you. 

However, they do not trap heat in the way traditional bedding does, so if you run on the cooler side, you can definitely find blankets that are warmer. 

The thing with bamboo sheets is that they are good at temperature control. They’re almost like ‘smart blankets.’

A bamboo sheet will keep you warm as long as your body wants it. The second it needs to cool itself and start sweating to do so, the bamboo sheet will understand and not come in its way. 

Other traditional blankets would come in the way and trap heat to stop your body from cooling. 

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Conclusion: Are Bamboo Sheets Cooling?

Bamboo sheets and comforters keep you cool because they get rid of any sweat your body produces. This material also doesn’t trap heat the way other traditional blankets do which make it an excellent option for people looking to find a temperature regulating sheet. 

A pure bamboo rayon sheet is your best bet. Any blends can compromise the quality of your sheet and make it less durable than you’d want it to be.

Most sheets tend to be sold as blends, so it’s important to keep an eye out for such products. Breathable bamboo sheets tend to be sold at stores who specialize in such products. So you should always go to such places. 

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FAQ Section

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about bamboo bed sheets.

Does bamboo have a cooling effect?

Yes, bamboo bedding has a cooling effect and is good for hot sleepers. When your body starts sweating, these sheets will absorb the moisture and stop it from reflecting body heat. Also, it will allow your body to continue sweating and removing moisture as necessary. 

Are bamboo-linen sheets cooling?

No, bamboo blends don’t make cooling sheets. While most bamboo sheet sets available tend to be blends, you should make an effort to find 100% bamboo viscose sheets.